Prague Car Hire Award


The Champions Choice Awards nomination is given to the car hire companies, which provide the most excellent and quality service to its customers. It is handed out to companies annually on 10th of January at the Muzeum in Prague.  Only the companies are nominated, which has a branch in Prague. The ones, which have branch outside of Prague are not included in the assessment.

There are 4 different categories, which companies get the award for: Champion Customer Service, Champion Tidy Vehicles, Champion State Vehicles, Champion Low Deviation.

The winners of 2013
  • Champion Customer ServicePraha Car Hire has earned the best customer service in this category for Champions Choice Award. The response time and the friendliness of the staff was excellent. The testing team has tried to contact them in every time interval and usually within 1-2 hours a response email has been sent. The calls has been answered exponentially, 9 out of 10 a representative has answered the call.
  • Champion Tidy VehiclesSixt can boast with the cleanest cars on the market in Prague. Out of 20 cars, which has been tested, all of them have been in exceptional state. It can be contributed to the 10€ extra cleaning fee, which is mandatory for Sixt customers, however the result is a clean car, which is the focus of this category.
  • Champion State VehiclesAlamo has the newest models available for rentals by far. The difference between the second place company is 2 years in average, which is huge. The company is not brand new, therefore this fact is astonishing.
  • Champion Low DeviationSixt has also won the Champion Tidy Vehicles category and the Champion Low Deviation category with its on time delivery service. No documents, no payments have been mixed up, which makes it a clear winner.
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As you might know there are other cities then Prague , who has awards for car rental companies, therefore we invite you to look at the other international awards.